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Thermochemical conversion process is a very wide sector and involves several technologies which have been object of study since many years. The technology platform organized by EUBREN aims at improving present technologies and develop new advanced solutions able to penetrate the market. In particular, the thermochemical conversion should be focused on valorization of biomass wastes, both agricultural, urban and forestry residues. The most interesting products which will be considered in the EUBREN activities are Charcoal, Bio-oil, gas and Torrefied material. Liquid produced by thermochemical conversion are considered in the specific dedicated platform

Biomass thermochemical conversion. Technology Platform Programme

The activities related to this topic are divided in three sectors based on the operation temperatures:


Improving low tar gasification technologies 

New solutions to integrate gasification technology in combined cycle power production

Development of new produced gas refinining systems for different end uses

New CFC BFC reactors to improve the gassification of low quality biomass

Research on high value synthesis gas production

Fast Pyrolysis

High oil productivity limits and competitiveness

Identification of suitable biomass residues for high value oil production

Energy balance optimization

Intermediate pyrolysis

Development of small scale mobile pyroformers

Investigate on operational parameters to monitor the production of gas, char and oil

Valuable solutions for reducing energy consumption 


Market assessment on torrefied biomass potential in EU

Technology review and present barriers identification

New advanced solution for heat supply in torrefaction plants

Hydrothermal Charbonisation

Hydrothermal Liquefaction

Micro and Macro Algae

Thermochemical conversion

Advanced Transportation Biofuels

Biomass for heat and power

Biomaterials and biochemicals

Agricultural Practices

Waste valorization technologies

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