European Biomass Research Network

Researching for bioeconomy

EUBREN Technology Platforms 

In order to facilitate the organization of new research activities and improve the productivity of the network, EUBREN activities will be organized by Technology Platforms where members could participate according to their interests and their research experience.  Technology Platforms can play an important role as a way to define the progress of the Network and the collaboration and research developed within it and with the industry. By defining agendas, developing strategies and research priorities EUBREN and its members should establish the course of the new advances in the research on biomass and bioenergy, addressing possible bottlenecks and opening new and promising fields of research.

In particular, 8 technology platforms will be defined. These categories will be of core importance for the organization and the setup of new project proposals, commercial studies and initiatives. Groups of research institutes will form technology platforms in order to collect information, exchange expertise and find out new promising initiatives.

Furthermore, Technology Platforms should be the right tool to involve and mobilise industry and other stakeholders to work in partnership with EUBREN and its members, so the activities developed within the Network would easily penetrate the market and reach the commercialization phase. EUBIA members will be invited to assist and participate in these technology platforms and provide their contribution. Technology Platforms should also work as disseminators of information enabling the transfer of knowledge within EUBREN and to a wide range of stakeholders across the EU. This should generate additional know how, new ideas for projects and raise the profile of the Network.

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