European Biomass Research Network

Researching for bioeconomy


The European Biomass Industry Association has selected the leading universities and research centres in the fields of biomass and bioenergy from the 28 EU member states. Taking into consideration geographic and know how criteria, EUBIA addressed these academic centres to create the Network which so far clusters 20 members from 18 different European countries. After the process of selection and the launching of EUBREN, a board will be designated by all the members of the Network by electing 7 representatives. EUBREN board members will be asked to participate to meetings organized by the European Biomass Industry Association in its Brussels office. During board meetings, new EC proposals, strategies, commercial initiatives and next target sectors will be discussed. EUBIA board of directors will participate at the meeting providing material and new specific project proposals involving SMEs and Universities. Furthermore, the election and the role of a formal "Secretary" of EUBREN will be evaluated by all Members after the launch of the Network. 

The status of the network consists in a list of rules and objectives defined and subscribed by all the members of the Network. In particular, EUBIA, as promoter and creator of the network, will be in charge of EUBREN Management and coordination. Research Institutes and Universities limited responsibilities and general EUBREN rules are reported in the document below:

EUBREN Rules and Programme

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