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EUBIA Report on Biobased Char Market potentials

After several years working on biomass thermochemical conversion technologies, and thanks to the present high level international projects, EUBIA is pleased to present its latest, 45 pages report on biobased char. 

1. The report provides an overview on the present biomass thermochemical valorization technologies for biobased char production. The overviewo on different biobased char production processes facilitate the market assessment of different products achievable:

  • Biochar from Intermediate Pyrolysis, 
  • Biocoal from Torrefaction
  • Charcoal from slow pyrolysis
  • Hydrochar from Hydrothermal Carbonisation

2. The market potentials of different quality of biobased char is analysed starting from the main competitors, from coal to lignite, peat, pellets. Current market price of all these feedstocks are provided in the report

3. A range of market sectors is evaluated for biobased char, including:
  • Energy,
  • Iron Industry, 
  • Soil Conditioning,
  • Activated carbon.
An overview on biobased char quality criteria and standards is provided in order to evaluate the suitbility for different market application.

EUBIA Report on Charcoal Market Application in European Metallurgy Industry is Free for EUBIA Members!  Click here to Receive the report

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