European Biomass Research Network

Researching for bioeconomy



EUBREN is a network of Universities and Research Centres with high experience in biomass research and innovation. The main aims of this initiative, without any lucrative intent is:

a) Enhancing the cooperation among EU research centres, universities and EUBIA. EUBREN will support a closer cooperation among EU research institutes in order to improve the efficiency of the whole European Biomass research sector. The target is to frequently be updated on the sector latest results, integrate experiences and new ideas, work together in new valuable projects and join forces of EU experts in biomass sector for new high quality research projects.

b) Encouraging the collaboration between academic and industry representatives. Thanks to EUBIA membership, consisting in mainly companies and industries, EUBREN activities will be disseminated to the industry sector and oriented to a commercial application. Thus, one of the main objectives of the network will be to promote commercial initiatives and new projects of interest for the industrial community.

c) Involving Research Institutes from all EU countries. The target of EUBREN is to involve universities and research centres from every EU member state in order to contribute to the growth of research activities not only in the most developed European countries, but also to cooperate with smaller institutes and homogenize the research potentials at EU level.

d) Connecting Research Sector with Policy Makers and public authorities. Research Activity carried out at national level by single universities in all the 28 countries will be included in periodic reports, focused on specific biomass sectors, in order to update the whole network on the most interesting results and expectations. The activities will be published and promoted at EU level.

e) Identifying new industry-academic cooperation and job opportunities. EUBIA engages to support the collaboration opportunities between industries and academic institutes, students, researchers and research teams. New jobs, internships, placements, etc. will be supported by involving industries, small and medium enterprises and other research institutes.

f) Promoting private cooperation between EUBREN Members. EUBREN further objective is to support the cooperation among its members. In addition with the initiatives and the projects promoted by the Network, members are invited to cooperate and could easily define private initiatives on specific academic or research activities they promote privately.

g) Developing valuable cooperation with international research organizations. One of the EUBREN main objectives is also to involve and cooperate with academic institute of large countries beyond the European borders. In particular, universities and research centres have been contacted to participate in the initiative as External representatives for: USA Brasil, India and Japan. Their involvement will be finalized after the official launch of the Network.

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