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EUBCE2017 Call for papers is OPEN

Participate in the World's Largest Specialist Biomass Conference

Message from the Technical Programme Chairman 

Dear Member of the Global Biomass Community, 

"On behalf of the Scientific Committee it is a great pleasure to invite you to be part of this event and to share your latest achievements, findings and innovations with the scientific and industrial communities. 

The conference has a great tradition since 1980, addressing topics ranging from biomass production, to conversion technologies for heating, electricity, fuels, chemicals and materials, as well as biomass policies, markets and sustainability. EUBCE has become a world leading event, sharing the latest research results, latest developments and innovative bioenergy applications from industry and the state of play and the policy context. EUBCE is also a prime event to promote business with match-making sessions, networking opportunities and social events. The role of bioenergy is addressed at international level, through a wide range of programmes and initiatives in North America, South America, Asia and Africa. We expect this to be reflected in the Conference Programme. 

Recognizing the high scientific level of this conference, the EUBCE Proceedings will be indexed in Scopus and all submitted final papers of plenary, oral and visual presentations will be coded by a digital identifier (DOI code), which will increase the visibility of all papers. To guarantee the scientific quality of the programme, each abstract is scored by three independent reviewers before the topic organisers select the plenary, oral and visual presentations. Excellence, novelty and scope for innovation are the strict criteria for paper selection". 

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SUBMIT A SCIENTIFIC ORIENTED ABSTRACT - An invitation to Scientists and Researchers

The scientific and policy biomass community is invited to contribute with high quality papers and to give the Scientific Committee the opportunity to select and present a Conference Programme which reflects the scientific excellence, as well as the wide range of topics of the global bioenergy sector, by shaping the future of bioenergy and bioeconomy.


  • Have your work evaluated and recognised by a scientific committee composed of renowned members of the science and research fields of biomass

  • Exchange knowledge and learn about developments, share results and get inspired by new ideas

  • Find future business partners to valorise your research

SUBMIT AN INDUSTRY ORIENTED ABSTRACT - Industry, the bridge between Research and Policy

The special call for Industry abstracts marks an opportunity for the bioenergy industry to complement the scientific programme of the 25th EUBCE.

Industry-oriented abstracts must include at least 1 Industry co-author

  • Appointed industry committee to review industry abstracts and organize industry-specific events

  • Attain increased visibility in the industry

  • Contribute to the development of the biomass industry

  • Perform networking on a global scale

  • Reinforce your organization with scientific findings

For more information visit

1st SINO-EU 2016 Bio-Natural Gas Summit, Beijing, China

EUBIA partners with China University of Petroleum and GIZ GmbH for the organisation of the 1st SINO-EU 2016 Bio-Natural Gas Summit in Beijing, China between 3-5 November 2016.

2016 is the beginning year of China's 13th Five-Year Plan, and an important year to recognize, adapt and guide the "new normal" of energy development and to improve and upgrade the energy structure. China plans to vigorously develop Bio-natural Gas and establish 50 Bio-Natural Gas Demonstration Counties during the 13th FYP, within new incentive policies, market conditions and advanced technical and environmental standard.

2016 Sino – EU Bio-Natural Gas Summit gathers leading experts, researchers, public authorities, representatives from international organizations, industries, financial institutes, donors and NGOs.

This summit aims to be a platform for networking the Chinese and European BNG industry to enhance the communication and cooperation.

EUBREN members benefit from dedicated discount for the 2016 Sino - EU Bio-Natural Gas Summit. To request your member discount contact

For further information please visit or contact Mr. Sinuo Sun at +39 055 502174 ext.204  and

The 24th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition
6-9 June 2016, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The 24th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition took place between the 6th and 9th of June in Amsterdam and provided an unique overview of the state of play of the sector as well as painted a clear picture of the role of biomass in achieving the transition to a low carbon economy.

In the context of COP21 historical Agreement both scientific organisations and international institutions agree on the crucial role that biomass and bio-based economy play in meeting the 2 degrees target on climate change. Bio-energy itself can provide 10%-30% of all total CO2 emissions reduction needed if we maximize resource efficiency whilst ensuring sustainability.

Although unsustainable displacement of food and loss of forest cover still concern the sceptics, state-of-the-art analysis shows that when modernized agriculture and livestock, exploiting yield gaps and efficiency improvements in management are brought together there is, undoubtedly, enough food production capacity to feed the world with less land and the opportunity to produce bio-energy on the surplus land. The benefits, to cite only a few, include improved carbon stocks on the same land, reduced water use per unit of output, lower GHG emissions and more efficient use of nutrients. Such measures are to improve food and nutrition security, alleviate poverty, enhance rural development and increase agriculture’s resilience to climate change. The emphasis ought to shift from competition between agriculture and bio-energy towards synergy in sustainability and performance.

Recent studies presented at EUBCE2016 along with decades of continuous research and technological development have proven that biomass can be effectively converted into energy, advanced bio-fuels and bio-based products, thus recognising the need for stable European policy framework to enable the widespread development of the bio-based economy. As Prof. André Faaij conference general chairman stressed in his speech, it is now about how do we link all this good work to the right arena. Now we need to ensure close interplay and engagement of the research community, the industry and the governance area. Prof. Faaij also launched the idea of forming a coalition among GBEP, the Global Environment Facility, the European Commission and the World Coalition of the energy billionaires to ensure the support of a series of large scale demonstrations of sustainable biomass production in various settings and integrating bio-refineries, bio-energy with carbon capture and storage and bio-chemicals.

EUBIA participated in EUBCE2016 as one of the main sponsors and awarded for the 14th time the EUBIA Award for its contribution to a sustainable green chemistry sector development at industrial level to NOVAMONT Italy. NOVAMONT is an internationally recognised leader in the bio-plastics and bio-chemicals sector and promotes the transition from a product economy towards a system economy through integration of chemistry and agriculture, utilisation of local areas and products and reduced environmental and social externalities costs.

Download the full programme here!

European Biosolids and organic resources conference

9 - 11 November 2015, Manchester, UK

EUBIA member AquaEnviro Organizes the 20th edition of European Biosolids and organic resources conference, taking place on 9 - 11 November 2015, in Manchester, UK

This year will mark the 20th anniversary of the European Biosolids and Organic Residuals conference and the organisers are planning a very special event that recognises the contributions of all the delegates over the past two decades. It will look back and review the changing landscape of biosolids over this period from a waste requiring disposal, to a valuable resource offering many possibilities for recovery and recycling.

Download the full programme here!

BioenNW Pyrofab  Show Event Premiere of new biomass valorization technology in Sollefteå

27 of August 2015, Hotel Hallstaberget, Sollefteå, Sweden

Sollefteå company Energidalen AB, sub-partner of EUBIA in BioenNW project, in collaboration with four universities, have developed a new technology for producing bio-oil and biochar. The plant will be shown in Hallstaberget Solleftea in connection with an energy seminar on 27 August 2015.

The plant, named Pyrofab, is based on Intermediate Pyrolysis technology. The facility produces oil and biochar from residual biomass that would otherwise be left behind in the forest or in the field. The plant converts carbon dioxide from biomass to carbon dioxide neutral fuels such as bio-oil and biochar. Pyrofab also has the ability to treat a wide range of biomass from both households, industries such as agriculture.

Tord Fjällström CEO of Energidalen AB and President of EUBIA comments:

"The plant is able to process forest residues into a valuable resource. It would bring several benefits to this sector, because it is mobile and it will also give the opportunity to local companies gain access to producing their own oil and charcoal, but also the ability to sell products in a global market. With the mobile pyrofab, biomass no longer needs to be transported for long distances to large processing facilities. This creates opportunities for local businesses and organizations to gain access to a growing bioenergy market".

The plant, designed in the context of BIoenNW project, is travelling along 5 European Countries of North West Europe area. Sollefteå is the first and only city in Sweden, where the facility will be showcased

The plant show will take place at Pyrofab facility, which has been created by the project BioenNW where the Energidalen AB, as member of EUBIA, is one of the partners. The plant is based on technology developed by the European Bioenergy Research Institute (EBRI).

BioenNW is funded by the European Union INTERREG IVB program. More information is available at

European Algae Biomass Summit 2015

EUBREN supports the European Algae Biomass Summit, which will take place in Amsterdam, on the 22-23 of April 2015 All EUBREN Members get a 20% discount for the registration! Every EUBREN Member interested in Algae sector is invited to participate to one of the most important events in Algae Sector!

Click here to receive your registration code and conference programme 

You can easily contact conference organizers  to have more information on the conference programme, speakers, and further details:

Mr. Dimitri Pavlyk

Tel: +44 (0) 203 141 0627


EUBREN reaches the last steps of its founding process and will be launched in November at the EUBIA's office in Brussels. So far, more than 20 universities and research centres from 18 different EU Member States have sent their application to join EUBREN.

Due to the interest of so many European academic institutions, EUBIA is still going on with the evaluation process of further potential members, with the objective to involve all EU Member States in a new independent and promising initiative that will open a wide range of opportunities for the biomass sector.

All interested academic institutions are invited to attend and participate to the EUBREN large opening event!

Andrea Salimbeni speaks about EUBIA at Polska Export Promotion Porta


On 15 of March 2017, Andrea Salimbeni gave an interview for Polska Export Promotion Porta, in which he explains the role of the Association in supporting biomass industry as well as the benefits in becoming member of EUBIA. Read the article at the following link:,european-biomass-industry-association-stowarzyszenie-przemyslu-przyszlosci-.html


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