European Biomass Research Network

Researching for bioeconomy


Micro and macro algae are increasingly becoming one of the most promising biomass sources and fields of research due to the versatility of its uses, from advanced biofuels to the development of products and nutrients for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries or the agro-alimentary sector. The EU Commission has been financing several projects in this field during the last decade, choosing algae as a key feedstock in the production of biofuels and other bio-based products.

Micro and Macro Algae Technology Platform Programme

EUBREN technology platform will focus on the following research topics in order to support the micro and macro algae sector and to investigate on new solutions to increase the market penetration potential.

Identification of "non-food" markets for algae based products in EU

Analyse the actual potential of micro and macro algae for energy pourposes

Low energy consumption, high biomass density cultivation technologies

Integration of algae PBR in multistages biorefineries

Algae species identification for cultivation in EU northen countries

Study on new cost effective technologies for algae-based biofuels production

Lipid extraction technologies

Biodiesel production through transesterification and other conversion technologies ( HTL)

Low cost cultivation technologies

Analysis of most relevant barriers existing in the EU policy framework

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