European Biomass Research Network

Researching for bioeconomy


EUBREN, the European Biomass Research Network is an initiative developed by the European Biomass Industry Association which consists of a selection of Universities and Research centers from the European Union member states. The initiative is the result of several year of experience in which EUBIA has dedicated its efforts to promote and support new industry oriented initiatives in cooperation with investors, small and large private enterprises, etc. 

The European Commission lastest funding programmes such as the 7º Framework Programme or Horizon 2020 demonstrate the institution eagerness to foster new projects and initiatives in which industries merge their efforts with research centres and universities. In order to strengthen this cooperation between academia and industry and after a deep focused research, EUBIA identified the leading universities operating in the biomass sectors as candidates for representing their country in this new and ambitious European Biomass Research Network.

EUBREN will actively work on new “Research-for-industry” projects focused on the development of advanced technologies and strategies. New initiatives, activities and projects promoted by EUBREN will be of interest for the industry and should be oriented on an improvement of biobased products and bioenergy competitiveness in the European Market. EUBREN will therefore foster synergies among its members and with the industry in order not only to reach breaking research advances but also to easily commercialize them. Furthermore, as the Network of leading academic centres in the field of biomass, EUBREN shall play an essential role as a disseminator of knowledge and good practice and making biomass research alive in public debate. 

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