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The heat and Power generation is the main sector for consumption of biomass  sources. It represents 95% of all renewable heating generated in the EU, almost 70.000 ktoe. Biomass combustion and co-firing are both mature, proven technology and has been used successfully for many years in almost all EU countries. In particular, a large development at commercial scale has been achieved in countries such as Austria, Sweden Finland and Denmark. The further development of this sector is limited by the availability of low quality biomass pellets. Most of the biomass used in EU boilers comes from Canada and other external countries. The sustainability of non european, high quality pellets from virgin wood represents the bottleneck for the future expansion of the sector. The utilization of biomass residues coming from agriculture, forests management activities, is the hot topic which must be considered. In addition, new advanced technologies have been investigated in the last years.

Biomass Combustion for heat and power

As one of the most developed technologies, biomass combustion can be considered a commercial scale sector. However, many research activities are currently focusing on reducing emissions, increasing the efficiency and improving the bioenergy supply chain in Europe. These activities include the following interesting topics:

Conventional large scale combustion

Investigation on biomass combustion of low quality residues

Solutions to avoid ashes moltening in medium scale boilers

Co-firing efficiency improvment in large scale power plants

Chemical looping combustion 

Identification of most interesting Metal Oxide for the reaction

Viability of low quality biomass for large scale chemical combustion

Technical solution for high CO2 absorption efficiency

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