European Biomass Research Network

Researching for bioeconomy


EUBREN, as the Network of the European academic institutions in the field of biomass, will play an essential role in the research and development of new initiatives in the bioeconomy area. EUBREN will carry out the following activities:

  • Fostering cooperation between the members and the creation of new synergies.
  • Facilitating the participation in new EC projects
  • Promoting the collaboration with the industry
  • Creating new partnerships with academic institutions from third countries
  • Defining strategies and research agendas
  • Disseminating knowledge and best practices
  • Organizing events and designing communication strategies


EUBIA, as one of the oldest European Association in the field or renewable energy sources, is everyday involved in new project proposals, initiatives and further activities to promote biobased sectors at EU and global level. 

This year, the European Biomass Industry Association successfully completed two international projects ( Geronino II Project,  EUROBIOREF). At present, EUBIA is involved as partner in the following projects: 

NEWAPP - HTC process technology development for oranic waste material valorization (FP7 - Coordinator)

BIOEN-NW - Delivering bioenergy in North West Europe. New Mobile Pyrofab design able to process different agro-forestry residues (Interreg NWE)

EnAlgae - Energetic Algae in North West Europe. Developing strategies and pilot project to support Algae sector development (Interreg NWE)

ALGADISK - A new Algae Cultivation photobioreactor based on rotating disks enhancing biofilm algae growth (FP7)

ORION - Developing a new concept small scale Anaerobic digester for food residues processing (FP7)

ROKWOOD - Supporting SHort Rotation Plantation as low carbon and economic sustainable energy source (FP7)

RecOil - Development of new efficient supply chain of Used Cooking Oil for biodiesel production in EU (IEE)

Repowermap - A new interactive map reporting the existing renewable Energy plants in European Countries (IEE)

Every year EUBIA works on new proposals involving its members to create valuable consortium and efficiently work on different tasks from Policy and Market assessment, to feedstock analysis, technology testing activities, business plans and dissemination. Due to the large amount of activities and projects, and to the importance to create valuable consortium able to work on new relevant project proposals, EUBIA will count on EUBREN in order to promote new activities and valuable projects, creating high value project consortium, involving universities and research institutes able to work together to new advanced technologies and strategies promoting different biobased sectors in EU. 

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