European Biomass Research Network

Researching for bioeconomy


EUBREN general objective is to promote mutual interchange and cooperation in the field of biomass production and use. EUBREN shall work as a network of Universities and Research Centres from every EU Member State. Once these representatives are selected and the network is launched, EUBREN will work as catalyst to foster research, stronger cooperation and synergies within the academic world and with the industry. EUBREN will actively work on new ‘Research-for-industry’ projects which will focus on the development of advanced technologies and strategies of actual interest for industry. Once established and consolidated, EUBREN will expand and begin collaborations with universities from non EU relevant partner countries such as China, Brazil, India, etc.

The structure will be simple and flexible with a board of representatives to be elected periodically. The General Assembly, composed of all EUBREN members, will meet every year in Brussels and set the general course of the network. During the meetings, new EC proposals, strategies, commercial initiatives and next target sectors will be discussed.

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