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Horizon2020 Information Day 'Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency & Raw Materials'  2017 Calls for Proposals

The European Commission is organising an Information Day to present the following calls for proposals to be launched in autumn 2016:

Representatives of the research community, SME associations, businesses, industry and European institutions are invited to join the event on Wednesday, 14 September 2016 in the European Commission's Charlemagne building, rue de la Loi 170, Brussels.

Download the draft agenda

                                                                           Launch of the €8 million AGROCYCLE

EUBIA proudly announces the launch of €8 million Horizon2020 AGROCYCLE research and innovation project addressing the recycle and valorisation of the waste from the agri-food sector. Part of the 26 partners consortium from 8 EU countries plus mainland China and Hong Kong, EUBIA will assist in the development of a holistic approach to advancing and understanding how to make the best use of the full range of waste streams from the agri-food sector to achieve sustainable agri-food waste valorisation. Europe is currently generating 1.3 billion tonnes of waste each year and among these, 700 million tonnes are agricultural waste. Taking into account the one third projected increase in world population by 2050, best estimates indicate a need to increase agricultural and food production by two thirds by 2050 to keep up with the food demand while avoiding climate change impacts such as desertification and water shortages. The project with a duration of 3 years will involve a wide range of European agricultural sectors such as the wine, olive oil, horticulture, fruit, grassland, swine, dairy and poultry industries creating sustainable value chains for the agricultural sector both at primary and processing levels across organic and conventional farming.

Last Year, during the European Biomass Conference in Vienna, EUBREN was presented at EUBIA stand and obtained a great success! Several organizations demonstrated a large interest in this initiative and the results are now visible in the sensible increase of the audience registered by this Network during the last year. 

Now, EUBREN is ready to come back to the 24th EUBCE, Amsterdam, 6-9 june 2016!

At EUBIA stand, EUBREN will be pleased to show the latest initiatives carried out, the achievements and the new programme for the next year. 

We really hope to see you in Amsterdam!

EUBIA is pleased to presents its new report on:

Charcoal Market Application in European Metallurgy Industry

 Free for EUBIA Members!

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EUBIA Report on Biobased Char Market potentials

After several years working on biomass thermochemical conversion technologies, and thanks to the present high level international projects, EUBIA is pleased to present its latest, 45 pages report on biobased char. 

1. The report provides an overview on the present biomass thermochemical valorization technologies for biobased char production. The overviewo on different biobased char production processes facilitate the market assessment of different products achievable:

  • Biochar from Intermediate Pyrolysis, 
  • Biocoal from Torrefaction
  • Charcoal from slow pyrolysis
  • Hydrochar from Hydrothermal Carbonisation

2. The market potentials of different quality of biobased char is analysed starting from the main competitors, from coal to lignite, peat, pellets. Current market price of all these feedstocks are provided in the report

3. A range of market sectors is evaluated for biobased char, including:
  • Energy, 
  • Iron Industry, 
  • Soil Conditioning,
  • Activated carbon.
An overview on biobased char quality criteria and standards is provided in order to evaluate the suitbility for different market application.

The Great Success of BioenNW Final Conference 

20 top level speakers, 70 participants from all market sectors

The Great Success of BioenNW Final Conference

20 top level speakers, 70 participants from all market sectors

Great Success of BioenNW Final International Conference in Brussels. 

On the 24th of September 2015 EUBIA and EUBREN organized the BioenNW Final International Conference, on the topic: Bioenergy Network and Biomass Potential: Valorizing European Organic residues.

70 Participants  - 20 top level speakers representing a wide range of market sectors participated and discussed the latest achievements in terms of biomass valorisation technologies and new competitive strategies able to support the Bio-based sector development in Europe. 

Click Here to download all the event presentations!

EUBIA, on behalf of EnAlgae Project presents:

The Algal Information Network

Algal Information Network (AIN) aims to support the development of algae sector in Europe by improving the cooperation and knowledge of market forces, research organizations, policy and decision makers. AIN role will be to develop productive and active initiatives able to contribute to the algae sector scale up in Europe.  The Members are the power of this network, which is fully supported by EnAlgae Project.  

All key actors operating in algae sector are invited to join:  The Membership is Free!

Click here to visit the new AIN website!

In order to register to the Network, please contact:

EUBREN - The European Biomass Research Network

Research in biomass has constantly progressed during the last decade making European universities and research centres the leading organizations in this field, fostering EU competitivity, sustainability, energy security and creating thousands of quality jobs. The European Commission latest funding programmes illustrate how institutions are pushing to foster new projects and initiatives where industries merge their efforts with research centres and universities to develop new market strategies, cost effective technologies and scalable processes able to penetrate the market. EUBREN, the European Biomass Research Network is an initiative developed by the European Biomass Industry Association (EUBIA) which consists of a selection of leading universities and research centres from European Union member states. The initiative is the result of several years of experience, during which EUBIA dedicated its efforts to promote and support new industry oriented initiatives in cooperation with investors, small and large enterprises, stakeholders in the biomass sector. As biomass is the only existing renewable carbon based source, biobased industry is the most flexible in terms of technology, strategy, products and future perspectives. Given the unique capacity of this sector, research activities carried out at every level of the technology demonstrated to have a crucial role for the final takeoff of a biobased economy at sufficient readiness to be commercialized.

Espace Banca Monte Dei Paschi, Av. d'Auderghem 22-28, 1040, Brussels, Belgium
EUBREN great Success at EUBCE 2015!

EUBREN and EUBIA supported the EUBCE 2015 and participated organizing a 18mq stand, several parallel events and the EUBREN Annual General Assembly 2015. 

EUBREN programme, status and new expected initiatives have been presented at the stand, with a great success of the EUBREN Scientific Committee. Several universities and industries demonstrated a strong interest in EUBREN and applied to join. 

5 new members are expected to join EUBREN before September 2015!

BioenNW Final International Conference

EUBIA and EUBREN are pleased to organize the:

BioenNW Final International Conference 

Bioenergy Network and Biomass Potentials - Valorizing European Organic Residues

24 September 2015, EUBIA Congress Centre, Rond Point Schuman 6, B1040, Brussels, Belgium

EUBREN Founding Members

Latest News

EUBREN supports the European Biosolids Conference 2015. Organized by AquaEnviro!

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EUBCE 2016 is opening the call for abstract. 

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EUBIA and EUBREN, on behalf of EnAlgae Project, launched AIN - The Algal Information Network

Join now: AIN Membership is completely free!

EUBREN 1st General Assembly!

On the 1 June 2015, EUBREN Members participated and discussed about the next activities and initiatives to be carried out in the next months.

Next EUBREN annual meeting is expected in june 2016!

EUBREN Headquarter in Brussels

rond point schuman 6, B1040, Brussels

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