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Nominations for Johannes Linneborn Prize are OPEN

Nominations for the prestigious Johannes Linneborn Prize, given each year at the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition for "Outstanding Contributions to the Development of Energy from Biomass", are being accepted through 24 February 2017. 

The nomination form is short and simple, and can be submitted online

Further details about the Johannes Linneborn Prize can be found at 

We remind you that late abstracts for EUBCE2017 with news are still accepted. If you wish to submit a late abstract or if you have an enquiry concerning abstract submission for EUBCE 2017, please contact

The European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE) is a world class annual event which, since 1980, is held at different venues throughout Europe.
EUBCE covers the entire value chain of biomass to conduct business, network, and to present and discuss the latest developments and innovations, the  vision is to educate the biomass community and to accelerate growth. This year, EUBCE will be held in Stockholm between the 12th and 15th of June.
EUBREN and EUBIA members are kindly invited to request their EUBCE discount here.

EUBIA launches news website

EUBIA finalized work spanning over the past five months and is ready to present you its new website.

The new fresh and modern website is divided into nine sections making it easier to find information about the association, its work and members, as well as showcasing some of the most important News and Events in the sector. A special section is dedicated to one of the largest publicly available online Library in the field of Biomass, and one to the particularities of the generic term in Wiki Biomass. 

It is now easy for you to understand what are the actual benefits of joining EUBIA through the targeted Membership Benefits Packages available for download in the Membership section. Whether coming from research, a large industry or an SME you will be pleased to discover a solid body of services and additional benefits that not only will position you at the forefront of science and policy, but will offer you commercial visibility and will open the gate for new collaborations.

At EUBIA feedback is highly appreciated, and therefore, if you have any ideas or comments about the new website join the discussion online!

EUBIA member of STRUBIAS expert group on recovery rules for fertilising products

The European Commission selected 31 members and 2 observers for STRUBIAS expert group on recovery rules for fertilising products and EUBIA is among expert members. The STRUBIAS expert group is a sub-class of the Commission Working Group on fertilisers. It will be operational until the completion of its work which is foreseen to be at the end of 2018. Based on the experts’ inputs, the Commission will prepare a report for a future amendment (Adaptation to Technical Progress) to the proposal for a revised Fertiliser Regulation (COM (2016) 157). This is currently under negotiations with the Council and the EU Parliament.

The full list of members and observers is available here.

The European Biomass Research Committee

The European Biomass Research Network, created by EUBIA in 2014, proudly presents the European Biomass Research Committee – a working group of distinguished European Researchers in the field of Biomass advancing their experience to private and public entities for the final takeoff of the Biobased economy.

The Research Committee aims to foster and encourage research by EUBREN members and to benefit the public through the advancement of a multidisciplinary team and the development of scientific knowledge for industry. It sees investment in people as key to research progress and creating a critical mass and succession of core researchers within the field of Biomass. It supports confidence in research studies that will promote the translation of fundamental discoveries towards benefits to our environment, thereby accelerating the transition from discovery research to mature sustainable development projects.

Contacts and guidance

For inquiries related to the European Biomass Research Committee and its members contact or

Biopolymers Europe Summit 2016, London, UK

The European Biopolymers Summit will be taking place in London, UK, on the 7th & 8th December 2016. The two day event has been designed with the key objective of uniting collaborations across the entire bioplastic value chain to come together to learn more about the innovations emerging in a host of markets as biopolymers begin to play a broader role in the industry. The event shall explore  technology and recycling along with development of new polymeric materials with enhanced properties and reduced environmental impact.

It also provides a unique platform to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as getting involved in practical challenges, solution strategies and problem solving for the road ahead. With a strong emphasis on the increasing role of a harmonious strategy this event has been designed to facilitate the action that is needed to plan ahead for forthcoming obstacles within the industry.

Key Topics:

  • The Bio Based Economy – Meeting the Needs of All Parties: Achievements & Obstacles
  • Where is Environmental Policy Going?
  • How to Stay in the UK Market in a post- brexit world?
  • Growing Global Bio Based Markets: Blends, Applications, Limitations & Bio Refining
  • Biodegradable & Biobased Materials Development: Lessons Learned and Preparing for Future Challenges (practical strategy building)
  • Next Generation Polymers: Biopolymers with Advanced Functionalities for High Performance Applications
  • Future Perspectives and Advances in Processing & Application of Polymers
  • Polymer Fundamentals: the Best Performing Features of the Design and Properties of Biodegradable Polymers
  • Pioneering New Processes & Technologies
  • Emerging Polymer Technologies: Nanotechnology for Bioplastics: Opportunities, Challenges & Strategies
  • Emerging Polymer Technologies: Transformational potential of 3D printing and Nanotechnology
  • Applications and Commercialization of Biopolymers
  • The Retailer Interview: Retailer Perspective on Bio Based Products
  • Sustainability Programmes & Composting Infrastructure: Bridging the Gap Between Interest & Action
  • Optimising Waste Systems for the Future
  • Scaling Up Smartly and Overcoming Barriers for Investments

Andrea Salimbeni - Scientific Consultant and Project Manager at EUBIA will hold a speech on the topic of Market Developments: Determining the Direction for Biopolymers and Meeting increasing demand at Biopolymers Europe.

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Iran Renewable Energies Commercial Conference, Tehran

Iran Renewable Energy Commercial Conference (IRECC) - 6th to 8th of December 2016 in Tehran, Iran - has been organized with the purpose of providing you with in-depth prospects and outlook of the current and future conditions of R.E in Iran, allowing you to comprehensively learn about the technological capabilities of Iranian companies active in the field as well as their potential technological cooperation with international investors.

Iranian market has recently witnessed growing enthusiasm and interest by international companies and investors following the sanctions relief on the country. Among the potential sectors, sustainable energy has received huge interest not only from international key actors but also from Iranian policy-makers and companies.

The conference is packed with opportunities to learn everything you need to know about the market and is a unique opportunity for you to meet with high-ranking Iranian government figures, company representatives, and investors, Iranian policy-makers, in order to assess the market directly, to discuss and get the underway project, to promote your brand and services, to identify your future partners and start negotiating with them and to find your way to this highly potential market.

Never before has there been such a unique gathering where all parties involved in development of R.E in Iran would be brought together in a three-day event to discuss a wide range of topics regarding the R.E in Iran and to seek for solutions for the challenges by the contribution of international companies and key players.

Therefore all activists in this arena are invited to participate in aforesaid event.

For more information visit

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1st SINO-EU 2016 Bio-natural Gas Summit, Beijing, China

EUBIA partners with China University of Petroleum and GIZ GmbH for the organisation of the 1st SINO-EU 2016 Bio-Natural Gas Summit in Beijing, China between 3-5 November 2016.

2016 is the beginning year of China's 13th Five-Year Plan, and an important year to recognize, adapt and guide the "new normal" of energy development and to improve and upgrade the energy structure. China plans to vigorously develop Bio-natural Gas and establish 50 Bio-Natural Gas Demonstration Counties during the 13th FYP, within new incentive policies, market conditions and advanced technical and environmental standard.

2016 Sino – EU Bio-Natural Gas Summit gathers leading experts, researchers, public authorities, representatives from international organizations, industries, financial institutes, donors and NGOs.

This summit aims to be a platform for networking, where the Chinese and European BNG industries will enhance the communication and cooperation.

EUBREN members benefit from dedicated discount for the 2016 Sino - EU Bio-Natural Gas Summit. To request your member discount contact

LAST Speaking Slots are available on the 4th of November. Contact us if you wish to participate as a speaker at the 1st SINO-EU 2016 Bio-Natural Gas Summit.

For further information please visit or contact Mr. Sinuo Sun at +39 055 502174 ext.204 and

EUBCE 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is the first ever winner of the European Green Capital Award and has adopted a unique approach to sustainability where every aspect of environmental, economic and social impact is part of the equation. Or in other words: just about everything that happens in Stockholm does so with sustainability in mind.

The Call for Papers is Open! Submit your Abstract by 31st October

There are great reasons to get involved in EUBCE 2017:

  • be part of the cutting edge of research and innovation for biomass, their application and integration
  • strengthen your network with the Biomass research community, industry, investors in innovations and policy makers

Contributions are welcome on all aspects of biomass.

The Conference will be structured along the following main topics:

1.Biomass Resources
New subtopic: 1.6 Integrated biomass production for energy purposes
2.Biomass conversion technologies for heating, cooling and electricity
3.Biomass conversion technologies for fuels, chemicals and materials
4.Bioenergy integration in energy systems

What’s NEW this year?

Inclusion of the EUBCE proceedings in Scopus
The European Biomass Conference and Exhibition Proceedings will be indexed in Scopus. The citation of the proceedings will therefore increase the visibility of all papers.
Moderated poster presentations
A speaking slot to present your poster!

Poster authors will be expected to present their posters to the chairperson and to the conference delegates and to be prepared to answer questions and to discuss their project. Each moderated poster session will be guided by chairpersons leading delegates through the poster area and stopping at each poster of their corresponding topic. Posters will be displayed during 4 days of the Conference.

As every year, EUBIA is sponsoring EUBCE and will greet you at its stand with more information on the Biomass sector.

Horizon2020 Information Day 'Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency & Raw Materials'  2017 Calls for Proposals

The European Commission is organising an Information Day to present the following calls for proposals to be launched in autumn 2016:

Representatives of the research community, SME associations, businesses, industry and European institutions are invited to join the event on Wednesday, 14 September 2016 in the European Commission's Charlemagne building, rue de la Loi 170, Brussels.

Download the draft agenda

                                                                           Launch of the €8 million AGROCYCLE

EUBIA proudly announces the launch of €8 million Horizon2020 AGROCYCLE research and innovation project addressing the recycle and valorisation of the waste from the agri-food sector. Part of the 26 partners consortium from 8 EU countries plus mainland China and Hong Kong, EUBIA will assist in the development of a holistic approach to advancing and understanding how to make the best use of the full range of waste streams from the agri-food sector to achieve sustainable agri-food waste valorisation. Europe is currently generating 1.3 billion tonnes of waste each year and among these, 700 million tonnes are agricultural waste. Taking into account the one third projected increase in world population by 2050, best estimates indicate a need to increase agricultural and food production by two thirds by 2050 to keep up with the food demand while avoiding climate change impacts such as desertification and water shortages. The project with a duration of 3 years will involve a wide range of European agricultural sectors such as the wine, olive oil, horticulture, fruit, grassland, swine, dairy and poultry industries creating sustainable value chains for the agricultural sector both at primary and processing levels across organic and conventional farming.

Last Year, during the European Biomass Conference in Vienna, EUBREN was presented at EUBIA stand and obtained a great success! Several organizations demonstrated a large interest in this initiative and the results are now visible in the sensible increase of the audience registered by this Network during the last year. 

Now, EUBREN is ready to come back to the 24th EUBCE, Amsterdam, 6-9 june 2016!

At EUBIA stand, EUBREN will be pleased to show the latest initiatives carried out, the achievements and the new programme for the next year. 

We really hope to see you in Amsterdam!

EUBIA is pleased to presents its new report on:

Charcoal Market Application in European Metallurgy Industry

 Free for EUBIA Members!

Click here to Receive the report

EUBIA Report on Biobased Char Market potentials

After several years working on biomass thermochemical conversion technologies, and thanks to the present high level international projects, EUBIA is pleased to present its latest, 45 pages report on biobased char. 

1. The report provides an overview on the present biomass thermochemical valorization technologies for biobased char production. The overviewo on different biobased char production processes facilitate the market assessment of different products achievable:

  • Biochar from Intermediate Pyrolysis, 
  • Biocoal from Torrefaction
  • Charcoal from slow pyrolysis
  • Hydrochar from Hydrothermal Carbonisation

2. The market potentials of different quality of biobased char is analysed starting from the main competitors, from coal to lignite, peat, pellets. Current market price of all these feedstocks are provided in the report

3. A range of market sectors is evaluated for biobased char, including:
  • Energy, 
  • Iron Industry, 
  • Soil Conditioning,
  • Activated carbon.
An overview on biobased char quality criteria and standards is provided in order to evaluate the suitbility for different market application.

The Great Success of BioenNW Final Conference 

20 top level speakers, 70 participants from all market sectors

The Great Success of BioenNW Final Conference

20 top level speakers, 70 participants from all market sectors

Great Success of BioenNW Final International Conference in Brussels. 

On the 24th of September 2015 EUBIA and EUBREN organized the BioenNW Final International Conference, on the topic: Bioenergy Network and Biomass Potential: Valorizing European Organic residues.

70 Participants  - 20 top level speakers representing a wide range of market sectors participated and discussed the latest achievements in terms of biomass valorisation technologies and new competitive strategies able to support the Bio-based sector development in Europe. 

Click Here to download all the event presentations!

EUBIA, on behalf of EnAlgae Project presents:

The Algal Information Network

Algal Information Network (AIN) aims to support the development of algae sector in Europe by improving the cooperation and knowledge of market forces, research organizations, policy and decision makers. AIN role will be to develop productive and active initiatives able to contribute to the algae sector scale up in Europe.  The Members are the power of this network, which is fully supported by EnAlgae Project.  

All key actors operating in algae sector are invited to join:  The Membership is Free!

Click here to visit the new AIN website!

In order to register to the Network, please contact:

EUBREN - The European Biomass Research Network

Research in biomass has constantly progressed during the last decade making European universities and research centres the leading organizations in this field, fostering EU competitivity, sustainability, energy security and creating thousands of quality jobs. The European Commission latest funding programmes illustrate how institutions are pushing to foster new projects and initiatives where industries merge their efforts with research centres and universities to develop new market strategies, cost effective technologies and scalable processes able to penetrate the market. EUBREN, the European Biomass Research Network is an initiative developed by the European Biomass Industry Association (EUBIA) which consists of a selection of leading universities and research centres from European Union member states. The initiative is the result of several years of experience, during which EUBIA dedicated its efforts to promote and support new industry oriented initiatives in cooperation with investors, small and large enterprises, stakeholders in the biomass sector. As biomass is the only existing renewable carbon based source, biobased industry is the most flexible in terms of technology, strategy, products and future perspectives. Given the unique capacity of this sector, research activities carried out at every level of the technology demonstrated to have a crucial role for the final takeoff of a biobased economy at sufficient readiness to be commercialized.

Espace Banca Monte Dei Paschi, Av. d'Auderghem 22-28, 1040, Brussels, Belgium
EUBREN great Success at EUBCE 2015!

EUBREN and EUBIA supported the EUBCE 2015 and participated organizing a 18mq stand, several parallel events and the EUBREN Annual General Assembly 2015. 

EUBREN programme, status and new expected initiatives have been presented at the stand, with a great success of the EUBREN Scientific Committee. Several universities and industries demonstrated a strong interest in EUBREN and applied to join. 

5 new members are expected to join EUBREN before September 2015!

BioenNW Final International Conference

EUBIA and EUBREN are pleased to organize the:

BioenNW Final International Conference 

Bioenergy Network and Biomass Potentials - Valorizing European Organic Residues

24 September 2015, EUBIA Congress Centre, Rond Point Schuman 6, B1040, Brussels, Belgium

EUBREN Founding Members

Latest News

EUBCE2017 in Stockholm, Sweden

12-15 June 2017

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New EUBIA website is OUT!

Africa Energy Indaba in Johannesburg, South Africa

21-22 February 2017

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Horizon2020 Info Days report is available for EUBREN members.

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EUBREN Headquarter in Brussels

rond point schuman 6, B1040, Brussels

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